Book Review: A Bouquet of Love by Serenity Press

Originally posted on Mrs B's Book Reviews:
Title: A Bouquet of Love Author:  Monique Mulligan , Teena Raffa-Mulligan, Glennys Marsdon, Bree Verity , P.L. Harris, Louisa West, Barbara Gurney, Ilona Krueger , Claire Boston & Carolyn Wren . Published: April 28th 2017Publisher: Serenity Press Pages: 296 Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Short Stories, Australian, Romance RRP: $29.99 Rating: 4.5 stars Ten couples not…

Understanding Adultery for Writers

Faithfulness in a relationship is a moral (and legal) expectation in many cultures, largely because it maintains trust and fidelity (and reduces the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases…). But adultery is a reality, in around 30% to 60% of all relationships it seems. In fact, it’s been estimated that 2% to 3% of all children…

The Patient One

To finish off the Perth Girls series, we have The Patient One.   Perth Girls: The Patient One Penny Davis thinks David Keogh, an actor at her community theatre, is the man of her dreams.  He always plays the hero, and is dark, brooding and romantic. But a mistake on Penny’s part leaves her emotionally … More The Patient One

The Defiant One

The second novel in the Perth Girls series is currently known as The Defiant One.  Again, depending on whether I am able to come up with some better titles, this could change… stay tuned!! Perth Girls: The Defiant One Teacher and Student Counsellor Desiree Jackson likes to think of herself as a bit of a rebel … More The Defiant One

Nonny’s Lunch

This story backdates to 2004 – so forgive me for any sloppiness – it was written a LONG time ago!!! (400 words) The boy and girl walked hand in hand across the meadow.  The sight that met their eyes as they crossed over the hill was truly breathtaking and they stopped to savour it for … More Nonny’s Lunch