Book Review: A Bouquet of Love by Serenity Press

A lovely review from Mrs B’s Book Reviews for our gorgeous anthology!

Mrs B's Book Reviews

Title: A Bouquet of Love

Author:  Monique Mulligan , Teena Raffa-Mulligan, Glennys Marsdon, Bree Verity , P.L. Harris, Louisa West, Barbara Gurney, Ilona Krueger , Claire Boston & Carolyn Wren .

Published: April 28th 2017bouquetPublisher: Serenity Press

Pages: 296

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Short Stories, Australian, Romance

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4.5 stars

Ten couples not looking for love find something unexpected when they visit Serendipity Bridal Boutique, Kate Peron’s vintage-styled salon. Love is in the air and it’s about to blow into their lives, bringing fortunate accidents of the heartfelt variety to those lucky enough to walk through Serendipity’s doors.

A man comes to Eagle Point to stop a wedding. A magazine editor finds herself in a cheesy situation. A different kind of bride takes to the catwalk. Readers will be swept away by this bouquet of stories from ten Australian authors – stories of healing and second…

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