The Patient One

To finish off the Perth Girls series, we have The Patient One.   Perth Girls: The Patient One Penny Davis thinks David Keogh, an actor at her community theatre, is the man of her dreams.  He always plays the hero, and is dark, brooding and romantic. But a mistake on Penny’s part leaves her emotionally … More The Patient One

The Defiant One

The second novel in the Perth Girls series is currently known as The Defiant One.  Again, depending on whether I am able to come up with some better titles, this could change… stay tuned!! Perth Girls: The Defiant One Teacher and Student Counsellor Desiree Jackson likes to think of herself as a bit of a rebel … More The Defiant One

My Historical Plans

Growing up, I devoured Georgette Heyer, Agatha Christie, the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. With a reading diet of nearly everything historical, I was bound to write historical novels as well! My first partially completed novel is set in the time just prior to the French Revolution, and is called The Hidden Duchess. I hope … More My Historical Plans

The Quiet One

I am writing a series of three contemporary romance novels following three 30-something Perth women in their attempts to find love. Each book will be from the perspective of one of the three friends. The first is tentatively called The Quiet One. I’m still not sure I’ll be going with that title – it might … More The Quiet One

Yay! It’s finished! Now off to the publisher, right? Not quite…

The other day, I finished writing the manuscript for Perth Girls – The Quiet One.  It’s the first time I’ve actually finished a novel manuscript. There’s an incredibly strange bunch of feelings that goes along with finishing a manuscript. You’d think euphoria would be right there at the top.  And for five glorious seconds, it … More Yay! It’s finished! Now off to the publisher, right? Not quite…